Chosen your Favourite Fabric and unsure what lining to add...?

Beautiful Curtains can only hang and drape beautifully with the right lining, read on to decide which best suits your needs.

Lining Types

There are several different ways to line your curtains, thats if you chose to line them at all. We recommend that all curtains are lined to ensure both warmth and protection from the sun, however what type of lining you chose depends on your needs.

Day Time Sleepers... Shift workers, Young Children no were not talking about teenagers or if you really do like a peaceful daytime nap, then a Blackout Lining is the one for you. A Blackout lining will help keep daylight out of the room with the added bonus of keeping the room nice and warm in winter and cool in summer, and no its not black, its available in white and ivory. 

Drafty Windows - Not Double Glazed, a sumptuous Interlam Lining is what is required here. Adding that luxury hotel feel to any room guaranteed to keep drafts at bay and a warm snug feeling in the room.

A little bit on the chilly side but not overly drafty, a warm Thermal Lining will insulate against cold damp air and will help to create a warm snug room.

A standard polyester curtain lining is all thats required on many fabrics, acting as a barrier against the harsh sun and protecting the face fabric, all curtains should have at least a standard lining.




Curtain Linings 

How to guarantee the best type of lining for your drapes...